The Path
Build Community
OOO’s is not just about hoarding NFTs. It comes with an intricate storyline that has shades of love and war, and peace and turmoil. It’s a storyline that will keep you on your toes!
Orc Intelligence
We have stashed so far 3,333 Orcs for our community. The mint time is nigh!
For our visual readers, we have metamorphosed our unparallel storyline into a comic strip.
Staking Access
Considering our plans, we will soon be bringing in a store for orc-ogre-themed consumer products such as smoking accessories, beverages, etc.
OOO’s main goal is to create a harmonious and peaceful society of web3 users, ultimately forming what we call OOO’s singularity culture.
Lore Story
Without Orc Intelligence, this project is nothing. We strive hard when it comes to collecting intel and sharing tools that, in turn, will help the horde make our journey profitable.
Mint NFT Collection
We take pride in our endeavours for building a colossal DAO community. This community DAO will be directly funded from the founder’s wallet.
Comic Strip Release
With OOO, you get the opportunity of staking access and earning passive income on a day-to-day basis.
Beer & Rolling Paper Store