The Genesis

OOO is built on the foundations of bringing the web3 users together.

It's sole aim is to build a harmonious society of individuals, combining and blending a plethora of cultures into what we call OOO's singularity.

You get to lose yourself into the susurous winds of the Versala, it's magnificient ether and hazy sky, it's moors and prairies, it's bountiful ravines and gorges.

It's a place where you get to redefine reality!
Liliane has been working on social media for the past 5 years. She stumbled across NFTs about 2 years ago and managed to turn NFTs into a full time career with an aim to bring as much value to the space. Here goal is to provide independence and brand power to investors.
My name is Neil, i live in the UK. I have over 20 years experience as an artist / designer, run several successful business ventures and been involved in crypto for several years. I am very organized, very dedicated and love the OOO team!
Advisor/Head of Marketing
You will often find her, sipping her favorite glass of wine, tinkering ideas and coming up with nearly perfect advice for the project. She is, no doubt, the soul of this project.
The Lore

A small and simple experiment it all was. The fairies, the goblins, the humans, the witches, everyone thought that nothing could go wrong while tinkering with the conscience because it was the safest place to meddle with.

They knew by diving deep into the consciousness, they could manifest beings and entities that would boon the world with a myriad of enthralling creatures walking and meandering in absolute peace.

That was their aim. That was all they needed to test the waters of this new technology.

But then things went south. People, who were so into preaching about peace started manifesting beings that had nothing to do with the peace itself.

They were the creatures of death and abomination. They were the creatures of utmost enmity. They were the orcs!

The humans intentionally or unintentionally brought forth 3333 orcs into the world of Versala. The orcs had a will of their own, consciousness of their own, and were looking forward to shattering and pulverizing the hopes of humanity and whisking away everything into oblivion.

Orcs marched forward, taking control of heaps of land, forcing the humans and fairies and goblins to bow down. This instantly revitalized the notion of slavery.

Now, the humans and other creatures were nothing but mere slaves, manacled within obsidian chains and being dragged along from one place to another.

However, as the orcs were accumulating reservoirs of treasure, they heard the far cries of someone; someone familiar in visage to the orcs. Ogres!

In a secret lab somewhere to the north, humans had barred and estranged the ogres in a distant limbo, freezing them in time.

Now, the orcs must free their brothers. But will they be able to remove the invisible shackles encapsulating and restraining the ogres? Will they be able to overhaul the humans and take the world of Versala into their hands? The very Versala which thrives and prospers on the Ethereum blockchain.

For sure, nothing is certain but one thing is crystal clear: orcs must unite with ogres by any means.
The Vision

Vision & Mission


Featuring ORCS on roadmap V1:

OOO is a collection of 3,333 Orrible Orcs coming in barbarian fashion on the $ETH Ecosystem!

With the advent of OOO on the $ETH blockchain, a resounding storyline awaits you with a refined and overwhelming number of gears locked and loaded!

Soon enough, Ogres will be released into the battlefield following the ORCS launch.

This means more barbarity of the ORCS and its familiars can be promoted ardently. Well, all the information about the OGRES is TBA.

It’s worth mentioning that, Orrible Orcs & Ogres is a Storytelling based NFT project, a friendly project with insane artistry, aiming to help the Web3 space with logistics, alpha tools, and staking. On top of that, stepping into the realm of OOO will guarantee a secured learning curve about Web3 and make your overall NFT journey profitable.

Apart from that, Orrible Orcs & Ogres will be exclusively developed around a dedicated lore, a comic strip, which means the holders of the NFTs can enjoy exclusive rights to the stellar narrative of the OOO, allowing them to dive deep into the world of Versala.

No doubt, OOO has the potential to be the future of P2E games and will surely offer mixed utility and holder-based rewards.

Our philosophy and core mantra are to remain value-centric. By combining the power of immersive story-driven experiences with digital and physical collectibles, we are reappraising what it means to build a global entertainment brand in a fiery digital age. As a member of this exclusive community, you'll be swept away on a unique, and unforgettable journey.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start exploring now to uncover the many secrets within the World of Versala!

Moreover, the mission of OOO is quite simple - become the leading ORC/OGRE entertainment and consumer goods franchise, providing monetary independence and brand power to investors, and combining traditional experiences with web3 standards in mind.

And, a surprise for our holders! We have confirmed our first Airdrop Orcish for Treasure which consists of a number of distinct and worth-a-while assets and prizes.

With the advent of Orcish for Treasure, the participants can get a chance to obtain different collections of NFTs including, characters, weapons, cash prizes, and more. For what it’s worth, these treasure loot boxes come with rarities up to legendary NFTs. So, be ready, join, farm, and accumulate experience points via one and only Crew3!

We will be launching in the first quarter of 2023. Indeed, the time is nigh.

Last but not least, we are looking forward to building a resounding community DAO, and this community DAO will be funded directly from the founder's wallet for an initial contribution of a massive 40 thousand dollars. Additionally, 50% of the secondary sales fund will be wired straight to the DAO to ensure longevity!

And for sure, there’s $OOO token release and staking. Soon enough, we will be launching our token $OOO, which means you can stake your ORCS to earn $OOO Daily!